Friday, December 9, 2011

Wonderful Rising

When the shadow of the previous day gives way to the newness of today
what accomplishments will we gain that our essences will display
what lessons will we have learned that will help us to evolve
what truths will be uncovered and what mysteries will be solved
what joys will we have and will have shared with those in our heart
what projects will be completed and what new ones will we start
what sciences will be learned and what unknowns will be found
what galaxies will we inspire when the universe comes back around
more than a few ripples in the pool of existence will be made
more than a few souls will be touched and many more will have prayed
more than a few hands will have helped and more than a few will have paused
the progress of a species, the opportunities and maybe even a cause
what will you have accomplished when the skies once again turn dark
what will you have learned after all day sitting in the park
what will you have to offer when the new day has gone
what will you take to your dreams when there time has come to roam
your lesson for the day, Human, if you are wary enough to see
is as simple as "did you evolve?" and "what did you BE?"

Wonderful Rising


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  2. Keep it coming. We need the positivity to maintain our sanity.