Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Morning Walk

I try to walk every morning before I start my morning classes with my children.  Usually one of my sons walks with me (or runs past me).  Today I walked with my son and my wife who I've been trying to get to walk with me for a while now.

The energy that a couple can share early in the morning outside like that is priceless.  It solidifies a day of progress, fun, purpose, care and fondness.

We talked about many things the same as we do at any other time of the day.  However, having these same conversations first thing in the morning feels better to me.  It felt like we were truly connecting on a natural and universal level.  I appreciated this walk and look forward to many more...

Peace, light and love

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  1. You I've went from speeding to walking, alone. But it is still a beautiful thing